Small Satellite Systems

For global connectivity schemes, the satellite segment is criticial in particular in rural areas where standard infrastructure is not sufficiently available. We look at smart flexible constellation concepts in the small and micro satellite regime focussing at an optimal resource utilization while offering high flexibility. We develop small and micro satellite hardware approaches to fulfil the requirements defined by 3 D orbital-terrestrial commmunication networks.

At the same time we investigate the properties of prospective satellite segment setups by means of numerical modelling. This ranges from simplified order-of-magnitude analysis to detailed propagation of satellite system states with implementation of payload models to generate mock data. This data can then be used to evaluate the performance oft he respective scenario based on the use case. By building up mockups and transportable satellite hardware simulators we test these concepts in the fiel das part of a larger 3D communication network demonstartion. By this we realize end to end simulation of a satellite segment concept as a baseline for future 5G+/6G applications.

  • 6G satellite bus technologies
  • Satellite swarm control
  • Relative satellite clusters
  • Enhanced Coverage schemes
  • Orbit and attitude dynamics
  • Implementation of environmental pertrubations
  • Modelling and Simulation oft he satellite system and ist sensors
  • Closed loop simulations
Research questions
  • Smart LEO satellite swarm concepts
  • Flexibility of mission scenarios
  • Inter-satellite communication schemes