Mathematical Optimization

Mathematics is an extremely old cross-sectional science and plays a special role in the high-tech field of space flight and exploration. Because even though this language of science (mathematics) is old, it does not age, unlike other disciplines. Mathematics is timeless and, for example, the Pythagorean theorem is still used today as it was 2500 years ago.

Mathematics, and especially computer-based mathematics, continues to develop rapidly, so rapidly that new and recent results are only slowly finding their way into the various scientific disciplines. Decades often pass before the latest methods find fertile ground and can make their contribution to new innovations.

In GOC, we take a faster path. In particular, such important areas as mission optimization, optimal control of satellites and constellations, re-entry and ascent trajectories, etc., are calculated using the latest and most advanced mathematical computer programmes. This also brings techniques of AI into the space domain, but also more general methods of industrial mathematics.

  • Space related (Mathematical) software (WORHP, TransWORHP, WORHP-Zen, WORHP-NMPC)
  • Space Exploration (Guidance, Navigation, Control) (KaNaRiA, KaNaRiA2, ENEX-CAUSE)
  • Space 2 Maritim (Cooperative) (GALILEOnautic, GALILEOnautic 2, MAP-BORealis)
  • Space 2 Agriculture (AI, Digital Twins) (NEXAT, NEXAT-Auto)
  • Space 2 Motion (Autonomous) (AO-Car, OPA3L)
  • Space 2 Industry (Transfer) (TOPA3S)