Signal and Information Processing

The GOC is founded on long years of expertise in the development of wireless communication systems, especially 4G, 5G and 5G&beyond as well as in the design of signal and information processing concepts and algorithms. Implementations in SW/HW platforms and proof-of-concepts demonstrations verify the functionality of the researched methods. In particular, the expertise includes

  • (wireless) communications and information processing for autonomous multi-agent systems
  • distributed sensing and data processing platforms, and
  • integrative control and communication for precise navigation.

Leveraging this expertise, the GOC advances the research and development on satellite communications, space exploration and quantum communications. Special interest is on the (R)evolution of satellite communications towards the 6G vision of supporting 3-dimensional orbital terrestrial networks for Internet-of-Everything-and-Everywhere (IoEE) service delivery.

Further, exploration done from space and on planets by autonomous multi-agent systems such as satellite constellations or swarm of rovers exemplifies well the concepts of distributed Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, simply said the task of connecting intelligence. This requires an integrated design of communications with exploration, navigation and localization inspiring research in machine learning. Finally, quantum communications over satellites, being also part of the 6G vision, is of particular interest. This multi-disciplinary research field brings together GOC expertise in signal and information processing with fundamental research in quantum physics.